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Release Notes for UltimatePOS [ADVANCE]

Patch for V2.16.3 available (September 30,  2019)

New Release V2.16.3 (September 19, 2019):

  1. IMPROVEMENT : Location permission moved from roles to users. Document Link
  2. NEW: More predefined ranges added to date range picker, Javascript language files updated
  3. NEW: Search settings implemented Document Link
  4. NEW: Custom label for payment method added. Document Link
  5. IMPROVEMENT: Show contact details on print ledger
  6. IMPROVEMENT: Converted all csv to xls import for better compatibility
  7. FIX: Transaction payment date issue fixed
  8. FIX: Logo issue in email notification fixed
  9. FIX: Datatable decimal number issue on print fixed, Label print decimal number issue fixed

NOTE: This update needs a manual action. We have moved the users location permission from roles to add/edit users. Previously it used to be from roles. So for all users in your application you will have to update the location for them.

New Release V2.16.1 (August 28, 2019):

  1. Hide admin role from non admin users while creating users
  2. Submit alert issue on add/edit sale
  3. “Not for sell” column added to import product
  4. Quick add customer from pos screen displayed custom fields
  5. Modifiers price reset when modifiers are removed
  6. Printing of Barcode sticker improvements
  7. Database decimal columns length changed

New Release V2.16 (August 19, 2019):

  1. NEW Module: Compatibility with Manufacturing module
  2. Bulk edit multiple products in one time. Documentation
  3. Display customer reward points in the invoice. Documentation
  4. Mark a product as “Not for selling” in add/edit products Documentation
  5. Enable bookings option added to module setting
  6. Added Sub-Units in products, to select only the relevant units for selected units. Documentation

New Release V2.15 (August 7, 2019):

  1. Customer Reward Point, increase customer loyalty by offering them reward point. Document
  2. Customer/Suplier ledger. Document
  3. Miscellaneous improvements

Important Note: If you’re using Essentials module then update it to latest version V1.0 after updating UltimatePOS to V2.15

New Release V2.14 (May 29, 2019):

  1. Discounts by category, brands, start-end day. Document
  2. Profit & Loss report lots of improvements: Gross Profit, Profit By Category, Profit by Brands, Profit by date, Profit by Invoice, Profit by Day
  3. Gross Profit in Profit & Loss report
  4. Stock report added to the product list page.
  5. Product list: Show price of the product, and price range it variable product. Also, total of stock displayed in list product.
  6. Quick add product from a direct sale
  7. Add purchase return from all purchases of a supplier (no need to select any particular purchase invoice)
  8. Print packing slip
  9. Product image display in the invoice by enabling it in invoice layout
  10. Performance improvements in reports and many different sections
  11. Show custom fields on the contact details page
  12. Miscellaneous Fixes & Improvements

New Release V2.13 (April 9, 2019):

  1. NEW: Activate/Deactivate products on the product list. Document
  2. NEW: Decimal Precision for currency (number of digits to show after the decimal for currencies) Document
  3. NEW: Decimal precision for Quantity;(number of digits to show after the decimal for currencies) Document
  4. NEW: PHP-CS-Fixer & Prettier (Improved coding standard)
  5. NEW: Service Staff can be selected for each line in sales, Related changes in the service staff report & added on orders screen. Document
  6. NEW: Print invoice button in recent transactions in the POS screen.
  7. NEW: Currencies added.
  8. IMPROVEMENT: Query optimization & indexing for faster loading & searching.
  9. IMPROVEMENT: Mobile number added to customer dropdown on POS screen
  10. IMPROVEMENT: Mass delete products message improved
  11. IMPROVEMENT: Auto refresh orders on Kitchen and Orders page implemented with configurable refresh time.
  12. IMPROVEMENT: Stock report improvement
  13. IMPROVEMENT: Disabling category or brands also disable from POS screen products filter.
  14. FIXES: Sale return deducted from Sales representative report, Customer due in the Balance sheet & tax report.
  15. FIXES: Drafts and quotations in lines removed from product sell report.
  16. Other fixes & improvement

New Release V2.12.4 (18th March 2019):

  1. Maintainance Release
    No new feature has been added or no issues have been fixed. If you’re using the V2.12.3 then no need to update.

New Release V2.12.3 (8th March 2019):

  1. Filters in List Purchases, Sales, Products
  2. Show available stock on product search dropdown in pos screen
  3. Display opening balance on reports and contact details page
  4. Contact opening balance bug fixed
  5. Fixes & improvements in the dashboard.
  6. Dashboard multiple ajax call reduced
  7. Invoice due display issue on dashboard fixed
  8. HTML code improvements
  9. Other minor improvements

New Release V2.12.2 (18th February 2019):

  1. Profit & Loss report displaying expense as 0.
  2. Backup Improvements.
  3. Deleting invoice doesn’t remove from cash register issue.
  4. Opening Stock issue when multiple locations.
  5. View product price display issue.
  6. Miscellaneous Cleanup, Fixes & Improvements from V2.12 release.

New Release V2.12 (11th February 2019):

  1. Payment Accounts, Related reports & Features
  2. Subscriptions: Document
  3. Multiple units of a product. (For example: purchase in Box and sell in pieces): Document
  4. Invoice external URL: Document
  5. Show the total due amount of a customer in invoice: To display the total due amount of a customer, meaning it will show the sum of all due invoices for a customer an invoice. You can enable it from invoice layout by checking  & also add the label for it.
  6. Opening Stock Improvement
  7. Opening Balance for customer improvements
  8. Dashboard graph improvements: Dashboard graph now show location wise sales and a sum/combined location sales lines.
  9. Overall fixes & improvements

New Release V1.2 (23 February 2018):

Ultimate POS version 1.2 is scheduled to release 23rd February 2018.

  1. Adding, Editing, Downloading documents for Purchases and Expenses.
  2. New reports: Profit & Loss Report
  3. View “Today’s Profit” directly from the Top navigation bar.
  4. Import products via CSV.
  5. Improvements in sell receipt:
    1. Display different headings for Credit & Paid invoice.
    2. Hide or Display Customer information.
    3. Hide or Display Payment Information.
    4. Total Paid, Total Due columns added.
  6. Keyboard shortcuts for POS screen with options to configure your own shortcuts.
  7. Huge improvements in POS screen in terms of usability and reducing billing time.
  8. New Sell feature – Now sell quickly with POS screen or create invoice via “Add Sell” screen.
  9. Stock accounting method added: LIFO / FIFO.
  10. Increased money value support.

[UPDATE GUIDE] Updating from V1.1 to V1.2

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