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Release Notes for UltimatePOS [ADVANCE]

New Release V2.12 (11th February 2019):

  1. Payment Accounts, Related reports & Features
  2. Subscriptions: Document
  3. Multiple units of a product. (For example: purchase in Box and sell in pieces): Document
  4. Invoice external URL: Document
  5. Show the total due amount of a customer in invoice: To display the total due amount of a customer, meaning it will show the sum of all due invoices for a customer an invoice. You can enable it from invoice layout by checking  & also add the label for it.
  6. Opening Stock Improvement
  7. Opening Balance for customer improvements
  8. Dashboard graph improvements: Dashboard graph now show location wise sales and a sum/combined location sales lines.
  9. Overall fixes & improvements

New Release V1.2 (23 February 2018):

Ultimate POS version 1.2 is scheduled to release 23rd February 2018.

  1. Adding, Editing, Downloading documents for Purchases and Expenses.
  2. New reports: Profit & Loss Report
  3. View “Today’s Profit” directly from the Top navigation bar.
  4. Import products via CSV.
  5. Improvements in sell receipt:
    1. Display different headings for Credit & Paid invoice.
    2. Hide or Display Customer information.
    3. Hide or Display Payment Information.
    4. Total Paid, Total Due columns added.
  6. Keyboard shortcuts for POS screen with options to configure your own shortcuts.
  7. Huge improvements in POS screen in terms of usability and reducing billing time.
  8. New Sell feature – Now sell quickly with POS screen or create invoice via “Add Sell” screen.
  9. Stock accounting method added: LIFO / FIFO.
  10. Increased money value support.

[UPDATE GUIDE] Updating from V1.1 to V1.2

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