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Adding superadmin user

Creating Superadmin user:

  1. Login to the server from Cpanel or DirectAdmin or Plesk or Filezilla (FTP) or similar panels.
  2. Open .env file with the file editor.   .env file is present inside the UltimatePOS directory
  3. Inside the env file, you will find “ADMINISTRATOR_USERNAMES” configuration. Add the username of the user which you want to make as superadmin.
    Example if you want “user1” to be superadmin then add it like below:
    NOTE: user1 mentioned here is for example only and the username is case sensitive.
  4. You have to add an already existing/signed up username here. To add multiple users as superadmin you can add them comma separated.

NOTE: If super admin user is added, that user can

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