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Registering your Business in ultimatePOS

Registering a new business

  1. Click on register business link on the welcome page.
  2. Registering business involves multiple steps;  Business Details, Tax details, and Owner details.
  3. Business Details: Fill out the relevant fields; select the appropriate currency & Time zone; click on Next. Time Zone & Currency can be different for different registered businesses.
  4. Tax Details: You should fill out at least one Tax name and Tax number. Tax is like GST/VAT which varies for different countries. Fill details & click on next.
  5. Owner Details: Provide asked details. Username & Password are used to login so make sure you remember them.
  6. The owner created during this registration will be admin of the business. More admin can be added/edited/deleted from user management section.
  7. Click on the register button and after successful registration, it will get redirected to login screen. Login with owner username/password created.

Note: You can change any of the above details in the business settings section.

Removing/Disabling register link:

UltimatePOS allows you to add multiple businesses. But many times you don’t want to allow external visitors to register there business. So you can disable registration by following these steps.

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