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Manage Modules (Install / Uninstall / Delete / Update modules)

Manage Modules:

Manage modules helps you to Install, Uninstall, Delete, & update modules. You will also find recommendations for any new modules available.


Only superadmin users can manage(Install/Uninstall/Update/Delete) modules. So first make a user a superadmin by following the steps given below:

Creating a Superadmin user:

  1. Login to the server from Cpanel or DirectAdmin or Plesk or Filezilla (FTP) or similar panels.
  2. Open .env file with the file editor.   .env file is present inside the UltimatePOS directory
  3. Inside the env file, you will find “ADMINISTRATOR_USERNAMES” configuration. Add the username of the user which you want to make as superadmin.
    For example, if you want “user1” to be superadmin then add it like below:
    NOTE: user1 mentioned here is for example only and the username is case sensitive.
  4. You have to add an already existing/signed-up username here. To add multiple users as superadmin you can add them comma-separated.

Installing Module:

Before starting: Make sure you have followed the pre-conditions as given above.

  1. Download the module code from your account (codecanyon or ultimatefosters website)
  2. Unzip the downloaded code. Inside that, you will find the module zip file, upload this zip file by clicking on Upload Module.
      NOTE: If it displays some error then you can unzip the module zip file and place it directly inside the Modules folder (pos/Modules folder)
  3. After uploading it will show in the list of modules, click on the Install button
  4. On clicking the Install button the module will get installed or will ask for relevant details

NOTE: If it shows an ‘invalid license’ error double-check the username provided by you.

Updating Module:

Before starting: Make sure you have followed the pre-conditions as given above.

  1. Download the new code from codecanyon or our website.
  2. Unzip it, inside that, you will find another zip file.
  3. Upload the zip file using the Upload Module option.
  4. On uploading it will show the Update button, click it and it will get updated.

Deleting or Uninstalling Module:

Click on the relevant button to delete or uninstall the module.

Check the screenshot below for the details.

Manage module

Manage module

Module not appearing in sidebar:

Sometimes you may install the module but it will not appear in some businesses.

This happens because the corresponding module will not be enabled in the package subscribed by that business. You should enable the module in the required package.

The Module Menu is not appearing in the sidebar (Couldn’t find the module option in the sidebar menu):

The module option will only be displayed for users logged in as super-admin.
If you are logged in as any other user, the module menu will not be displayed.

Follow the steps below to rectify it

  1. Log in using the super-admin login credentials.
  2. If you have not added the super admin user, add it by following the documentation steps -> Super-admin Document
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