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Enable or Disable Auto Sending of notifications

Enabling auto-sending of SMS & Email to customer on New Sales:

  1. First, setup the Email SMTP and/or SMS details in Business settings.
    1. SMS Documentation
    2. Email SMTP Documentation
  2. Go to Notification Template
  3. Under Customer Notification you will see New Sales notification.
  4. There you will find the option to enable   &
  5. Now when ever you make a sales a Email or SMS notification will be send to customer.

Important NOTE:

  1. If there is any error in Email or SMS configration then sales will not get submitted, so test it properly.
  2. Email notification will only get send in case the customer have a valid email present
  3. Similary SMS will only get send if the mobile number is present.

Product price details not shown

Issue: The product price and tax details may not be displayed while adding a new product.

Solution: Always make sure to enable the “Price and tax info” in Business Settings->Products.

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