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Notifications Settings [Email & SMS configuration]

Setting Notification SMS

To Send SMS notifications you need to setup SMS configuration details.

Go to Settings -> Business Settings -> SMS settings

from here we can set up SMS for most of the vendors having support for REST API, most of the support it. If not then check with your provider

Go to the REST API documentation of your vendor. Contact your vendor if you can’t find it.

Here you’ll find 3 different service type: Nexmo, Twilio, and others.

Setting up SMS for NEXMO

  1. Create a new account in nexmo.
  2. From your nexmo dashboard, go to account settings, here you’ll find the API key and secret, the From field enter the from the number provided by nexmo. Enter these details in the pos and try sending a test message.

Setting up SMS for twilio

  1. Go to Twilio & login with your account.
  2. Get the SID, Access token, and From information. On your project Twilio Dashboard, you can find the Account SID and Auth Token
  3. Save it and try sending a message

Setting up SMS for others

Let the api structure is


So the configuration will be as follows

URL: https://rest.nexmo.com/sms/json
Send to parameter name: phone
Message parameter name: text
Request Method: GET
Parameter 1 key: user    Parameter 1 value:
Parameter 2 key: pass    Parameter 2 valueParameter 3 key: sender   Parameter 3 value:

Example Four: Setting up SMS for others

Let the api structure is

$api_url = “http://sms-pos.testsms.com/app/smsapi/index.php?username=&password=&campaign=XXXXXX&routeid=XXXXXX&type=text&contacts=97656XXXXX,98012XXXXX&senderid=XXXXXX&msg=Hello+People%2C+have+a+great+day”;

So the configuration will be as follows

URL: http://sms-pos.testsms.com/app/smsapi/index.php
Send to parameter name: contacts
Message parameter name: msg
Request Method: GET
Parameter 1 key: username    Parameter 1 value:
Parameter 2 key: password    Parameter 2 value:
Parameter 3 key: campaign   Parameter 3 value: XXXXXX
Parameter 4 key: routeid   Parameter 4 value: XXXXXX
Parameter 5 key: type   Parameter 5 value: text
Parameter 6 key: senderid   Parameter 6 value: XXXXXX

Setting headers:

If required in your api, you can also set headers

Header 1 keyHeader 1 value:
Header 2 key:   Header 2 value:
Header 3 key:   Header 3 value:

Setting Notification Email

Go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Email settings

Add all the Email SMTP configuration details & it will work.

Business-level mail setup

For sending mail notifications, the business-level mail setup should be done.

For this provide the required details in Settings -> Business Settings -> Email settings

Application-level mail setup

For the purpose of receiving forgot password reset link, the application-level mail setup is to be done on .env file.

Refer this – Document Link


1. Is it possible to send SMS when installing in localhost?

Yes it is possible to send SMS from localhost with an internet connection

1. Whether SMS feature work without adding country codes to mobile numbers?

Some APIs will work without adding country code and some may not. It is based on your API provider.

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