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Enabling Backups (Backup in Server, AWS S3 & DropBox)

By default, backup is not enabled for every user of the POS application. To enable backup follow these steps:

Backup Screen

  1. IMPORTANT: For the backup to work ziparchive must be enabled in the server PHP
  2. Open the .env file (present in the codebase, you must have created this while installation)
  3. Add this line in env file:
    ADMINISTRATOR_USERNAMES= {Username for which backup option will be shown}

    To enable for a user called “admin”
    ADMINISTRATOR_USERNAMES=adminTo enable for multiple users, “admin”, “admin_2”
  4. Log in with the user for which backup is enabled. Now it will show an “Administrator Backup” menu in the left navigation menu.
  5. Go to Administrator Backup menu and click on  “Create New Backup“. A backup will be created & stored in your server or store in the configured server.
  6. You can enable Dropbox or other servers as per the instruction below.

NOTE: For backup to work mysqldump must be enabled in your server.

Storing Backup in the same server where you have the application hosted can be dangerous, imagine what will happen if the server crashes? the backup will be lost.

So it is always advisable to store the backup in some external drive. Luckily DropBox & Amazon S3 is supported out-of-box with UltimatePOS.

(Recommended) Enabling Backup to Store in DropBox:

  1. Open .env file.
  2. Add  (or Edit if already present) a key BACKUP_DISK=”dropbox”
  3. Add/Edit another key: DROPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN=””

Go get the DROPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN for Dropbox API here: https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps

See the screenshot below for more details:

Enabling Backup to Store in AWS S3:

  1. Open .env file.
  2. Add  (or Edit if already present) a key BACKUP_DISK=”s3″
  3. Also, add the below keys:
    1. AWS_KEY=””
    2. AWS_SECRET=””
    3. AWS_REGION=””
    4. AWS_BUCKET=””
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