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Installation steps:

Server requirements

Make sure your server meets the following requirements:

  1. PHP = 7.3
  2. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  3. PDO PHP Extension
  4. Mbstring PHP Extension
  5. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  6. XML PHP Extension
  7. cURL PHP Extension
  8. Zip PHP Extension
  9. GD PHP Extension

STEPS TO INSTALLING Perfect-Support System

      1. Extract the file using zip software (like Winzip or WinRAR or something else ).
      2. Inside that, you’ll find CodeBase-V1.0
      3. Copy the files & folders present in the CodeBase-V1.0 folder to where you want to install it.
        Suppose we want to install in /var/www/perfect-support
      4. Open the URL in browser http://yourwebsite.com/public/index.php/install
        It will look as below

        1. Click on the Next Step link
      5. Instruction: In the next step, it will show some instruction, click on “I Agree, Let’s Go”
      6. Application Details: In this step, it will ask for application details, fill in the details as explained below

        1. Application Name: Any name for the application
        2. Application Title: Any tag line for the application
        3. Database details:
          1. Go to your database, like phpmyadmin, and create a new database
          2. Enter Database Host, Database Port, Database name, Database Username & Database Password
            • DB_HOST=”Enter the database host here, it should be mostly or localhost”
            • DB_DATABASE=”Enter the name of the database you created”
            • DB_USERNAME=”Enter the database login username”
            • DB_PASSWORD=”Enter the database login password
        4. Email Configuration:
          • Select it PHP Mail or SMTP
          • Enter the relevant details
        5. Click on the “Install” button
      7. Env file: It will show the content of env file. Create an .env file and copy-paste the content.
      8. Click “Install” and it will show take to success page after few minutes of processing.
      9. Enter the below details for login:
        username = [email protected] Password = 12345678
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