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[UPDATE GUIDE] Updating Ultimate POS

Updating Guide for UltimatePOS Advance

Important: Before updating to any new release make sure to take a back up of the following:

  1. Database Backup: Export your database used for UltimatePOS.
  2. public/uploads folder
  3. .env file
  4. Translation files: If you have included any new translation language, keep a backup of the language directory from
    resources/lang/{directory created by you} & public/js/lang/{file created by you}

Proceed to update only after you have taken the backup and kept in a safe place.

  1. Download the new updated code from codecanyon.
  2. Unzip the new code and replace the old code present inside pos directory with the new code.
  3. Check if “.env” file is not present in then replace it from backup.
  4. IMPORTANT STEP: Go to www.yourwebsite.com/install/update/
  5. It will take a few minutes to install and configure the updates. Make sure you don’t close, refresh or go back.
  6. After updating it will redirect to login page or the home page if you’re already logged in.
  7. Check-in footer of your application it will show the latest version of the application.
  8. Replace the public/uploads folder with the backup folder which we kept above.

If there is any problem with the updating, delete the database and import the backup database which we kept. Try again to update it.

On successful update, the URL www.yourwebsite.com/install/update/ will show a 404 error.

Additional steps if using API module:

If using the API module follow these additional steps as given here:


  1. Whether skipping one or two updates will cause any errors?
    For example: My recent version is v5.0. If I skip v5.0.1 & v5.1 then updating to v5.2 will cause any error?

No, this will not cause any error. Any version can be updated from any previous update.

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