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Mobile app UltimatePOS

Getting Mobile app:

Check the description given here for the steps to get a mobile app.

Changing Image in the mobile app:

Images for different screens can be changed by replacing them in the POS web.

Login to Cpanel or FTP, Go to POS codebase, and replace the below-mentioned images:

  1. Splash Screen = public/uploads/mobile/welcome.jpg
  2. Login Screen = public/uploads/mobile/login.jpg
  3. DefaultBusiness Logo = public/uploads/business_default.jpg
  4. No Data image = public/uploads/mobile/no_data.jpg

NOTE: if the mobile folder is missing then simply create it and use


For printing in a thermal printer, install RawBT app on your mobile.

Using this you can print to any printer, including Bluetooth printers as well

Release Notes:

Version 0.7  March 4, 2020,

  1. Added “Follow Up” when the CRM module is installed.
  2. Customer select issue fixes when adding a sales.
  3. Database improvements
  4. Other improvements & fixes.
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