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Disabling registration in Ultimate POS

Ultimate POS allows you to create unlimited numbers of businesses or shops. All of them can use the application at once.

But sometime you may like to disable the registration to prevent usage of the application by outsiders without your knowledge.

Easy steps if you have superadmin module:

This step applied if you have superadmin module installed.

Go to superadmin settings -> Application Settings -> Uncheck the “Allow Registration” checkbox and click on the update button.

Without superadmin modules:

  1.  Open .env (not .env.example) present in your codebase.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the file. Here you will find a setting which says"ALLOW_REGISTRATION=true"Change that setting to"ALLOW_REGISTRATION=false"

All done. Now it will not show the registration link and will not even open the registration page.

Note: To register your own business simply change it to "ALLOW_REGISTRATION=true"

If you’re using cpanel to edit the file then it will not show hidden files (.env is hidden). So in the file manager make sure Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)” is checked or search for documentation of our hosting to show hidden files in file manager.

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