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Adding expenses, Adding expenses for an employee or customer or supplier

UltimatePOS allows you to add expenses for an employee. Thie expenses can be Salary, Bonuses, Perks, travel expenditure or anything else.

– Simply create a category for the expense you’re adding. Adding relevant categories helps you to classify expenses and analyze them.

– Go to Add Expenses, fill the details, select the relevant category and select the employee name expense for fields.

– Add the expense.

– To view details of all expenses for an employee go to “Sales Representative Report” and select the User. It will show the total expenses for the employee. You can also view the list of expenses from there.

Expense for Contact (Customer or Supplier): To add expense for a customer or supplier select the customer/supplier name from the expense for contact dropdown.

Setting default tax for expense:

Step 1: Open the File

Navigate to the file path pos/resources/views/expense/create.blade.php to open the add expense blade file.

Step 2: Find the Tax Dropdown Label

In the add expense blade file, search for the tax dropdown label. You can use the code to search for the label.

Step 3: Set Default Value for the Tax Dropdown Label

Once you have found the tax dropdown label, you can set the default value for it. This can be done by referring to the following links:



Link 3

If you have less coding knowledge, you can refer to the add sale blade file located in the resources/views/sell/create.blade.php in the POS codebase. This file can serve as a reference for the required code.

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