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[ADDON] SpreadSheet Module for UltimatePOS Advance

Spreadsheet Module for UltimatePOS

Create powerful spreadsheets inside UltimatePOS.


  1. Spreadsheet Editor: Create powerful spreadsheets inside UltimatePOS using an inbuilt feature-rich spreadsheet editor.
  2. Import & Export: Import & Export spreadsheet
  3. Sharing: Share it with other Roles or other Users
  4. Organise: Organise spreadsheet into folders using the folder structure, with easy searching & one-click expand/collapse.

Installation Steps:

Follow the steps as given in Module Management installation 

Update Steps:

Follow the steps as given in Module Management Updating

Once the spreadsheet module is installed, it will be shown in the sidebar menu.

Creating Folders:

Folders can be created in the spreadsheet module.

To create a folder, click the add folder button, provide an appropriate name to the folder, and save it.

The created folders will be displayed as a tree structure.

Creating Spreadsheets:

Once the folder is created, an option to create a spreadsheet under each folder is provided.

You can click the ‘+’ symbol and add a spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet will be similar to google Sheets. You can add sheets, download or save sheets and upload excel files.

Editing Folder Name:

You can click the edit symbol and edit a folder name.

Version Log:

V 2.0 – June 7, 2024

  1. NEW: Updated as per new design.

NOTE: You must update UltimatePOS to V6.x before updating the module to this version.

V1.0 – March 02, 2023

  1. NEW: Compatible with Ultimate POS V5.
  2. IMPROVEMENT: Always show spreadsheet action buttons (instead of showing on hover).
  3. FIX View spreadsheet showing wrong data issue fixed.

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