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v4.x Release notes

V4.4 – To be Released.

These are the features we’re working on now:

  1. [NEW] QR code options added in invoice layout. To display QR code in invoices.
  2. [NEW] Payment edit option in edit sale
  3. [NEW] In product sell report added sales by category and brand
  4. [NEW] In dashboard replaced pre-defined date to date range picker.
  5. [NEW] Commission calculation types added: 2 types (Invoice value & Payment received). Related changes in Sales representative report and payroll commission calculation changed
  6. [NEW] Option to display commission agent name in invoice layout.
  7. [NEW] Option to change proforma invoice heading in invoice layout
  8. [NEW] Purchase custom fields added
  9. [NEW] Additional expenses fields added to purchase & purchase order
  10. [Improvement] Many new permissions were added & improved in add/edit roles.
  11. [Improvement] Account book slow loading optimized.
  12. [Improvement] Profit loss report optimized
  13. [Improvement] Account list datatable query optimized
  14. [Improvement] Sell details calculation for dashboard and balance sheet optimized
  15. [Improvement] Cashflow loading optimized
  16. [Improvement] Ajax based contact dropdown implemented on add/edit user form
  17. [Improvement] Contact list filters added
  18. [Improvement] Line taxes added to view sale
  19. [Improvement] Customer supplier report search by business name added
  20. [Fix] RTL issue in slim2 invoice layout fixed
  21. [Fix] Product expiry related issue fixed
  22. [Fix] Removed – Purchase order getting added in opening-closing stock
  23. [Fix] decimal point issue at some places fixed
  24. [Fix] expense list print number format

V4.3 Released (May 19, 2021)

  1. Fixed blank screen issue

V4.2 Released (May 2, 2021)

  1. NEW: Purchase order feature Document
  2. NEW: Sales order feature Document
  3. NEW: Search product by custom fields in POS & Sales screen.
  4. NEW: Separate page for Activity log, only visible to the admin role. (Reports -> Activity Log)
  5. NEW: Cash register denominations feature added Document
  6. Improvement: SKU editable in add/edit products
  7. Improvement: Shipping note and shipping related activities added to edit shipping modal
  8. Improvement: Line discount added to invoices
  9. Improvement: Sales representative commmission calculation changes. (Remove tax shipping etc from commission)
  10. Improvement: prefix added for year type invoice scheme
  11. FIX: Customer/Supplier Ledger issue
  12. Fix: Product history not showing purchase return
  13. FIX: Warranty & Expiry date not showing add sales
  14. Fix: double customer name removed from invoices
  15. Fix: multiple permission fixes
  16. Fix: Sell table footer total sell return due

V4.0 Released (March 4, 2021)


  1. Activity log for sell, purchase, shipping, sell return, purchase return, contacts, users, contact, sell transfer, expense, stock adjustment, todos, login, logout, purchase & sales notification, users, contact, sell transfer, expense, stock adjustment, and todos
  2. Internet connection Online/Offline status indicator
  3. Disable ajax call and form submission on offline mode.
  4. Option for proforma invoice
  5. Business name displayed with the contact name in sale/draft list and reports
  6. Show customer address on sales add/edit
  7. Show supplier address on purchase add/edit
  8. Sell custom fields
  9. Permission to delete direct sell
  10. Document upload option in add sales
  11. Custom fields in Shipping
  12. Upload shipping documents in shipping.
  13. Product brochure upload option in add/edit product.
  14. Number to word format in invoice Indian format option
  15. Pay button added to dashboard sell/purchase payment due table
  16. Cron job command for backup clean
  17. Permission for commission agent sell and shipment
  18. 4 new custom payments added.
  19. Show price of products in the tooltip in POS screen product suggestion.
  20. Option to set default credit limit while adding customer
  21. Selling price group linked to the customer group
  22. Permission to print invoice added


  1. Discount permission.
  2. Edit combo product issue on edit sell,
  3. Update combo product stock issue
  4. Custom label issue for types of service,
  5. Minimum selling price validation issue on sale form
  6. Edit expense
  7. Profit loss report end date issue
  8. pl report by invoice first-row empty issue fixed
  9. Word break issue on invoice
  10. Account book showing deleted contact pay amount issue
  11. Refresh contact payment on deleting payment implemented
  12. Customer group filter
  13. Autosend notification error suppressed,
  14. Deleting expense refund fixed
  15. Account link from advance payment removed
  16. Product stock history quantity calculation
  17. Gross profit fixed on profit loss report group by invoice
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