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Sales Subscriptions

Enabling Subscriptions:

To enable subscription, go to Modules -> Check the “Enable Subscriptions” and save it.

IMPORTANT: For subscription invoice to auto-generate cron job must be set up.

Using Subscriptions:

  1. Subscriptions can be added from both POS sales or normal Sales screen.
  2. In POS or sales screen to add a subscriptions click on “Subscribe?” Checkbox
  3. On clicking subscribe it shows a popup modal, enter the subscription frequency like every 1 day or every 5 days or every 1 month etc. Also enter the subscription frequency, like if a user wants so subscribe only 5 times the enter 5, for unlimited leave it blank.
  4. All subscriptions appear in Sell -> Subscriptions screen. From here you can also start/stop a subscription.
  5. When a subscription invoice is auto-generated then a notification is sent to admin & sales person.

Subscriptions Indicators:

While adding subscription sales, the sales will be marked with an indication in the “All Sales” screen.

This indicator will be in either of two colors, blue or red.

The indicators represent

1. The blue color indicates that this is an automatically created subscription invoice.
2. The red color indicates that it is a recurring invoice that repeats for a specified number of times and turns to the blue color invoice when the number of times specified is reached.

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