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[ADDON] Advance Repair module for UltimatePOS

Repair Module for UltimatePOS

Repair module for UltimatePOS helps with complete repair service management of electronic goods like Cellphones, Computers, Desktops, Tablets, Television, Watch, Wireless devices, Printers, Electronic instruments, and many more similar devices which you can imagine!

Feature in Repair Module:

  • Configurable repair status with color code for easy identification
  • Manage Devices (like Mobile, Computer, Tablets, etc)
  • Manage Device models
  • Configurable checklist for device models
    – Add products (spare parts) & services as per device models.
    – Assign repair to a technician (service staff)
    – Manage repair with a due date, completed on, status, brands, device, device models, serial number, repair checklist, defect,
    – Many more feature releasing …


Installation of the repair module is same as the installation process of any other modules.

  1. Pre-condition: Follow the steps for preconditions as given in here
  2. Installation: Steps as given here


Follow the update steps as given here

Video Demonstration:

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