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v5.x Release notes

V 5.0.2 – Released on Mar 9, 2023

  1. FIX: “There is no active transaction” issue during Install/update fixed.

NOTE: If you have successfully updated version 5, then you need not update to version 5.0.2.

V 5 – Released on Mar 2, 2023

Pre-Conditions to use version 5

  • You will need PHP 8.1 or above.
  • All the modules should be updated to the latest version for V5 to work
  • Delete the Modules folder before updating. Once UltimatePOS is updated then install/update all other modules.

NOTE 1: The latest version is tested before release. But we recommend you have a backup of old files/folders for restoration if any issues occur in your environment.

NOTE 2: Update all modules that you’re using to the latest.

NOTE 3: Delete the vendor & config folder and then follow the steps for updating POS.

NOTE 4: If you’re updating modules for the first time for V5 then delete the module folder before updating and reinstall it.


  1. NEW: Compatibility with PHP 8.1, Laravel 9. x.
  2. NEW: Success and error message sound is enhanced.
  3. NEW: Background color change in the Home screen.
  4. NEW: Option to choose required variation values in add/edit variable product. Refer – Document Link
  5. NEW: Letterhead image option in invoice layout. Refer – Document Link
  6. NEW: Link added to the stock report to view product stock history. Refer – Document Link
  7. NEW: ‘Is required’ option for product image. Make it required from Business Settings > Product > Make image required
  8. NEW: Copy quotation option. (Sell > List Quotation > Action > Copy Quotation). Refer – Document Link
  9. IMPROVEMENT: Autofocus select2 option added dropdown search fields.
  10. FIX: Invoice scheme and layout dropdown in pos screen autoselect issue fixed
  11. FIX: Ledger advance balance and balance due issue fixed.
  12. FIX Total due not showing correctly after adding ledger discount in Ledger format 2 issue fixed.
  13. FIX: Selling price made hidden in view/print purchase
  14. FIX: The line break CSS issue in the delivery note fixed.
  15. FIX: The home page chart legend getting overlapped with the context button issue is fixed.
  16. FIX: The currency formatting issue on the print data table in multiple reports issue is fixed.
  17. FIX: The cash register not getting updated after deleting an expense issue is fixed.

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