Updating UltimatePOS from V1.1 to V1.2

Important: Before updating to V1.2 make sure to keep a back up of the following:

  1. Database Backup: Export your database used in UltimatePOS.
  2. storage/app folder
  3. .env file
  4. Translation files: If you have included any new translation language, keep a backup of the language directory from
    resources/lang/{directory created by you} & public/js/lang/{file created by you}

Proceed to update only after you have taken the backup and kept in a safe place.


  1. Unzip the new code and replace the old code with new code.
  2. Go to www.example.com/install/update/1.2It will take a few minutes to install and configure the updates. Make sure you don’t close, refresh or go back.

    The link works only once, after the updates are installed it will show a “not found” error.

If it shows any error – export the old database which we kept as back and try running the update script again.

After completion of the update, upload the storage/appĀ .Ā If you have translation file then updateĀ Translation file as well.



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