Some Frequently Asked Question, Issues & Errors.

Disable Tax

  1. Don’t add Tax Rates in settings
  2. Go to Settings – Business Settings.
    1. Uncheck “Enable inline tax in purchase and sell
    2. Uncheck “Enable Price & Tax info
    3. Select “Default Sale Tax” as None

Logo or Image not Getting displayed

  1. This can happen if the “symbolic link” is not created successfully during installation steps.
  2. Go to <pos_directory>/public and delete “storage” directory if present. This may or may not be present.
    PS: don’t delete <pos_directory>/storage.
  3. If you’re using in localhost then open your command prompt (cmd) or if in hosting server then use shell access to login via terminals. Contact your hosting provider if you need details on accessing via terminal.
  4. Go to pos directory:
    cd <pos_directory> 
  5. in the pos directory run the below command:
    php artisan storage:link
  6. If it shows success then check your application, it should show the images now.

If it shows some error like:

  • Undefined command “php” then add php to your environment variable or check your server documentation on running php via command line.
  • symblink() Permission denied: Change permission of public directory as mentioned in the installation doc.
  • symlink() has been disabled: Contact your hosting provider to enable it.


Disabling Printing of Receipts in POS screen

To disable printing of receipts, go to Settings -> Business Locations -> Click on Setting for the business location where you have to disable printing, make “Auto print invoice after finalizing:” as No.