Setting Notification SMS

(available since version 2.10)

To Send SMS notifications you need to setup SMS configuration details.

Go to Settings -> Business Settings -> SMS settings

from here we can set up SMS for most of the vendors having support for REST API, most of the support it. If not then check with your provider

Go to the REST API documentation of your vendor. Contact your vendor if you can’t find it.

Let us take an example of NEXMO.

Example: Setting up SMS for NEXMO

  1. Go to documentation:
  2. You will find “Send an SMS”. Here is how it looks like.
  3. In the right side we have Example request. From the request you can see:
    Send to parameter name: to
    Message parameter name: text
    Request Method: POSTParameter 1 key: from
    Parameter 1 value: Acme IncParameter 2 key: api_key
    Parameter 2 value: <NEXMO_API_KEY>Parameter 3 key: api_secret
    Parameter 3 value: <NEXMO_API_SECRET>Input all this details and try sending SMS.
  4. You can view SMS status in nexmo account after login.

A similar configuration can be done for most of the providers.

Setting Notification Email

Go to Settings -> Business Settings -> Email settings

Add all the Email SMTP configuration details & it will work.


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