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V3.x release notes

V3.95 Released (Feb 16, 2021)

  1. Generate PDF from submitted form data
  2. Attach filled form PDF  in an email
  3. Password login issue

V3.94 Released (Jan 14, 2021)

  1. Login page design improvement
  2. Register page design improvement
  3. Form builder page design improvement

V3.91 Released (August 12, 2020)

  1. NEW: Submit button design option with icon option
  2. NEW: Add other users for collaboration to a particular form.
  3. NEW: Adding comments in Submitted Form data.
  4. NEW: Superadmin can add new users.
  5. NEW: Adding permission to users
  6. Improvements Form builder drag & drop

V3.9 Released (July 6, 2020)

  1. SaaS subscription issue fixed
  2. iFrame widget issue
  3. Signature field issue
  4. Other minor fixes & improvements

V3.8 Released (June 18, 2020)

  1. NEW: Option for field name in form elements/fields, if a field name is not provided pre-generated fields name will be used.
  2. NEW: Option to add multiple custom attributes to form fields.
  3. NEW: Option to add multiple custom attributes to form.
  4. NEW: Option for the position of Sucess/Error message notification.
  5. NEW: System Date & Time format settings
  6. FIX: Form fields dynamic id generation issue fixed
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