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Creating Packages

  1. Go to Superadmin -> Packages -> Create
  2. Enter package Name, Description
  3. Select Price Interval & provide the interval value, like 1 month or 5 days or 1 year
  4. Enter the price for the interval(0 = Free package)
  5. Enter the “No. Of Active Forms” that can be created in that interval (0 = unlimited)
  6. Sort Order is the order in which this package should be shown in frontend during registration.
  7. Check “Allow form code downloading” to allow downloading of the form HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP code, which can then be used in any other websites independent of this form generator.
  8. Activate & save.

Package Subscription

  1. New customers during registration will be shown the list of packages and they can select the package, pay for it, and start using. Without making a payment they will not be able to use the form-generator.
  2. Existing customers can subscribe to the package by going to the “My Subscription” page.

Modifying package Subscription details

Superadmin can modify the subscription of any user by going to Superadmin -> Package Subscription

Click on Edit any subscription and you can modify the start & end date of the package.

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