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Integrating form to website

Integrating Form to website

There are 2 ways to integrate a form into a website:

  1. Using the downloaded code
  2. Using iframe/wizard

Using iframe

  • No technical knowledge required.
  • Form data will be saved in the form generator database


  1. Go to All Forms
  2. For any form, click on the widget button and it will open a popup with 2 different ways to integrate
    1. iFrame Code
      • Copy the iframe & script code and paste it in your website where you want the form to be integrated
    2. New window
      • This will simply show a button on the website and on clicking the button it will open the form in a new window
      • Copy the HTML code and paste it into your website where you want to display the button.

Using downloaded code

  • It requires junior-level technical knowledge.
  • Submitted form data will not be saved in the form generator database

In this method, you download the PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript code of the form and then integrate the downloaded code into your website.

  1. Download code for form by going to List Forms -> Download
  2. Unzip the zip file, inside that you’ll find html, php, and library folder.
    1. For example, bookings.html, bookings.php & library
  3. Make any changes to bookings.html or copy content of bookings.html to any other HTML file.
  4. place the bookings.php & library file/folder in the same directory where bookings.html file is present

Try opening the form, it is not read to use.

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