Customer this days prefer to shop online; this saves their time, provides a wide range of options to choose from and many other advantages.

So, having a Web Shop or E-Commerce website is important these days. It brings a lot of online sales apart from the offline sales in the shop.💰

As an offline shop/business owner going online can be difficult & time taking. You will have to set up a new webshop. Along with it, you have to always keep adding & updating products information in multiple systems, manage inventories, manage orders, etc; which gets cumbersome, time taking and repetitive task.😰

👉 Imagine a case where you will have to manually update new stocks, outdated stocks in both POS & online store multiple times a day or even week; won’t it become hectic task?

👉 Again you will have to enter online orders into POS or accounting software to get your business accounts sorted, painful, isn’t it?

👉 Customer Loyalty: with customer information split into multiple systems (POS & online store) getting the right data for customers can never be correct.

🤩 UltimatePOS solves all this for your business, and you can go online in minutes.

All you need is a “UltimatePOS to WooCommerce Addon” installed in your UltimatePOS and a WooCommerce Shop setup. And you’re ready to sell your products to customers worldwide.

What does this addon do?🤔

This addon does a lot of heavy lifting for you. The most important are:

  • Synchronization of Products.
  • Synchronization of Order.
  • Lot more…

Synchronization of Products (UltimatePOS to your WooCommerce Store):

The very first problem of products & inventories gets solved the moment you install the addon.

  • Enter your products details once, that is only in your POS software.😲
  • Click on Synchronize Products button & it’s done. All products information gets send to your WooCommerce store.
  • Products Name, Price, Inventory, Categories, tax information, and other details get added to your WooCommerce shop.
  • You can also set different prices for your WooCommerce customer. Give them a special price.

Synchronization of Order (WooCommerce store to UltimatePOS):

The second problem of managing orders & keeping your accounts sorted gets solved here.😲

  • With a click of button sync order from your online customer to POS.
  • No matter what – Inventories automatically get adjusted.
  • Customer information automatically gets synced & orders get into the customer account.
  • Special Tag to highlight the WooCommerce Order.

Synchronization of Categories (UltimatePOS to Woo)

  • Categories also get synced.
  • Products are added to the category thet belong to in POS.
  • This ensures you don’t have to re-add categories in WooCommerce.
  • The category helps customers to better filter products.

Mapping of Taxes

Taxes are important, we have ensured it goes right here as well.

  • Map tax from POS to Woo.
  • Products will have tax applied to it as per POS.

Sync Logs

Logs are important. This gives you a very useful layman’s view of synchorization happening.

  • All synchronization details are logged
  • Details like
    • When last synced?
    • Who synced?
    • What all get synced?
    • Error or Suggestions if any.

Who needs it?🤔

This module is optional. You can use it or run UltimatePOS without it also.

You need it if you have an offline store & want to diversify your income with an online store easily without having to worry about inventories, checking order in multiple applications.

Why do I need it?🤔

It solves the most painful problem for business owners. Makes managing both – online & offline store easy peasy.

One System to manage both. Life cannot get much easy 🙂

Any suggestions, Questions or Advice, most welcome! Drop it in comments below.🙏

❗This addon is under development and will be releasing very soon.