We’re working on 3 new modules/extensions for UltimatePOS Advance.

  1. Essentials
  2. Advance Accounting
  3. UltimatePOS to WooCommerce link.

Let me brief you on some of the features we have already completed for each of them.


With our aim to make UltimatePOS a “One Software For All purposes” we lacked some of the essentials features which are may/may not be useful to business depending on the use cases.

In Essentials, we will have some very general & “Good to have feature”. Some of then which we have completed or working on are as follows:

  1. File & Documents
    • Upload files.
    • Share files among your colleagues by roles or to a specific person
    • Download files.
    • Delete files
  2. Daily Planners (To-do List)
    • Add To-Do for a day
    • Mark it as complete
    • Add To-Do in advance for a particular date
  3. Memos
    • Create notes
    • Share notes
    • Collaborate to modify a note.
  4. Reminders
    • Add reminders
    • Get notification for reminders via Email/SMS

Advance accounting

Accounting is a big feature. Every business(in different countries) do this differently. We will be trying to add some very commonly used accounting feature here. Many users asked for different feature related to accounting. Some of then which we have completed or working on are as follows:

  1. Adding of Account
    • Add Bank account
    • Add Opening balance
    • Pay to suppliers from an account.
    • Receive payment directly in an account.
    • Transfer funds between accounts.
    • Add deposits for an account.
    • Account Book to view details of an account.
  2. Loan management
  3. Fixed asset management
  4. Balance Sheet.

UltimatePOS to WooCommerce link

Our focus here is anyone using UltimatePOS should be able to start online selling with few clicks and manage all kinds of stuff directly from POS. It is still in the prototype phase. Lot’s of things needs to be done to make it work perfectly. In the next blog update, we will share more details on it.

Feel free to comment below if there is anything more we can add to the above module, any suggestions are most welcome. We’re waiting to hear back from you. ✍


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