Dear Happy UltimatePOS users, 😀

We’re planning to change the template used in UltimatePOS. And we would like to use one of your favorite templates. 😎

Suggest your favorites “HTML Admin Templates” and we may consider using in UltimatePOS. Based on your suggestion our experts will check the templates and select one of the best among your suggestions.

Template Criteria:

Make sure the HTML template you recommend MUST meets these criteria:

  1. Must be built with Bootstrap 4.x latest version.
  2. Must be using jQuery.
  3. Must be of high quality.
  4. Must provide regular updates.

And obviously, the theme must look awesome. 🤩

Feel free to add comments in this thread with your recommendation.

Also, feel free to add your queries/suggestions.

We’re excited to hear back from you 🙌

UPDATE: Changing theme has been paused because UltimatePOS has grown a lot and that means changing all this will introduce a lot of bugs. So instead we reached to the conclusion to customize the AdminLTE theme which we already have used to make it modern. We’re working on changing the Login screen, Register, Dashboard & POS screen to make it better.