We’ve got a one-word solution for all your business management hiccups: automation.

Retail business is not just about handing the products to customers and taking payments in return.

There’s so much more to it.

  • Inventory
  • invoicing
  • marketing
  • employee
  • customer management
  • and all are subsystems of a retail business.

You, as a retail owner, need to keep a close eye on all these things. There are times when all of this can get a little overwhelming for you. And we understand that.

If you are a retail business owner who’s managing all operations manually, you’ve got it bad. And it’s totally normal for you to feel exhausted and burned out. But, don’t worry, we’ll help you get back on your feet, so you don’t just walk, but run your retail business like a pro.

Before we jump to the solution, let’s first identify the real problem by answering some questions. Ready?

Are you using a pen and paper to manage your retail business?

If the answer is yes, you have got a real problem, friend.

Writing things down on a piece of paper does sound easy. But, one step into this charade and the real trouble starts unwrapping itself.

❌ You waste your time arranging all the papers in folders and files, trying not to lose them. Trouble! 😞

❌ No matter how hard you try, 50% of the paper invoices still go missing and you end up with no record of your sales. Double-trouble! 😞😞

❌ You don’t have a way to avoid the inevitable human errors while writing the details of a sale. One missing digit in the customer’s phone number or wrong date will make you lose your mind.

❌ You spend hours adding and subtracting your sales and tax numbers to calculate your profits, losses, employee payroll, and commissions, etc.

❌ You cannot find any sales records on the fly, which makes it extremely difficult to deal with refunds and complaints.

❌ You dread the task of managing the stocks of your products. Because who likes counting all the on-hand items and noting the numbers on paper, right?

❌ Even if you do manage all the stocks, you have to keep the list of low stock items next to you at all times. If you don’t, you miss out on sales because you couldn’t reorder out of stock items.

❌ You have to use email service and manually enter customer emails for running a marketing campaign.

It’s a shame that many retail businesses are still functioning with this old school method. It’s a complete waste of your time and even your money. So, be sure to say your goodbyes to the Pandora Box of pen and paper.

Do you rely on Excel sheets and Word documents to deal with everything?

Yes? Problem alert! 😠

This does get you out of all the paper mess but doesn’t give you the pill for all your retail business management pains. You still have to record things manually by punching the keys of your computer.

You can Ctrl+F your way to find necessary files and records. But, the hassle of counting and noting the stocks of products is still there.

You have the flexibility to apply formulas to calculate profits and other numbers. However, you can’t be sure if you entered the right numbers in the first place. Hence, the troubles remain.

No fix for email marketing.

Solution: say ‘yes’ to automation

Want to get out of this loop of manual work, headaches, and frustration? The short answer is a point of sale system.

The long one is you need to invest in a digital solution that automates all your business operations. From inventory to invoicing and customer management, you can take care of everything from one screen.

Here is how a POS system will offer you an all-in-one solution for all your retail business management hassles.

✅ No papers, Word documents, Excel sheets, or whatsoever. Create instant invoices for customers within just a few clicks.

✅ All invoices and sales records will be safe in the POS system. You can search for them, print them, email them, whatever you need.

✅ Built-in checks for every field of information will prevent errors. So, you put the right customer and sale information every time.

✅ The POS system will let you send emails and SMS notifications to all your customers. Automated marketing, check!

✅ Once you transfer all your inventory items into the POS software, it will automatically adjust their on-hand stock with every sale. No need to keep a count of any of your products.

✅ The point of sale system for retail will notify you every time an item’s on-hand quantity is low and it needs reorder. You can also pull up the low stock report to see the complete list of all your low stock items.

✅ Drop the manual calculators or the Excel sheet formulas because, with POS software, you will have automated reports to know all your sales numbers. Enjoy separate reporting for everything, taxes, profits, employee payroll, etc.

✅ You can create different employee roles to allow or restrict their access to certain features. Simply set up employee accounts against those roles and manage all your employees through a screen.

✅ With the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, the old school business management methods won’t help you a bit. But a POS software will help you fit right into the new normal of business.

It’s 2020 and technology rules the whole world. So, take a hint and say ‘yes’ to automation with the best point of sale system.

Save your time and efforts with a retail point of sale system. You won’t be spending hours managing everything manually. Just put a POS software in place and take a well-deserved breather, unlike the paper and pen or the documents and sheets methods.

Want to see for yourself? Try the Ultimate POS demo anytime!