Selling Products

  1. Go to – Sell -> POS
  2. If your business has multiple locations then select the location. If single location then it will not display location Option.
  3. Customer: By Default, there is “Walk-In Customer”. You can search for a customer or can directly add by selecting “Add Customer” option.
  4. Enter Product Name Or scan the barcode to search the product.
  5. Select the product to add it for selling. change the quantity as required.
  6. You can also adjust the price/tax/discount here
  7. To cancel click on cancel. Click Draft to add them to drafts. Cancel invoices are not saved in the system, but drafts get added in the system. You can edit a Draft and change its state to Finalize.
  8. To finalize the invoice click on Finalize – Add the payment options and save it.

On save it will display an invoice printing option.

NOTE: For invoice to print correctly – The Margins options should be set to “Default”.

To view, a list of sales go to Sell -> List Sales.

To view, a list of drafts go to Sell -> Drafts.

Both Sell & Drafts can be edited to make any changes.

Express Checkout: Express Checkout means the sale will be marked as Paid and payment method will be cash. No separate Payment screen will be displayed. Printing of invoice depends on the business location settings.