Adding Products

  1. Go to – Products > Add Products.
  2. Provide a Product Name, Brand, units, category, sub-categorySKU: Add a unique SKU which will be used to identify the product & Print barcode in labels. Mark it as “Auto-generate” to automatically generate them. You can also provide a small Prefix (like your shop short name) for auto-generated barcode in Settings -> Business Settings -> (Product – SKU prefix field). We recommend using numeric or alphanumeric for SKU.Barcode Type: Select a barcode type. In most cases, you will not need to change the default selected C128 option. We recommend changing if only if the product added already have an SKU number for it.

    Alert Quantity
    : Alert quantity is used to alert the stock remaining quantity.

    Manage stock: Enable/Disable stock management at a product level. Product stock management is not required for services like Repairing, Hair Cutting, Web Development Printing. For items with Manage Stock Unchecked (disabled), you can sell them in unlimited quantities. This option is most suitable for service providers.

  3. Select Applicable tax for that product. To add new tax go to – Settings -> Tax Rates
  4. Product Type:

    1. Applicable for product with no variation with them then select single
    2. When selecting Single product – You will need to enter the Default product price including/excluding tax, Profit Margin % (you can set default profit margin from settings -> Business Settings; this will help to type % every time). Based on profit margin it will auto calculate selling price excluding of Tax. You can also enter the selling price manually and it will auto adjust the profit margin for you.Variable:
      1. Applicable to a product having variations (like size or color or design or flavors etc) You can define some variation templates from Products -> Variations. The advantage of creating variation is that it saves time to add same variations multiple time.
      2. When selecting Variable product – It will display some different fields to add all variations and its related Purchase price, Selling Price. You can select the Variation template from “Use Template” dropdown and it will auto populate the variations for thet template. You can change the variable name, Variation values.
      3. Note: Changing Variation name & Values doesn’t affect the actual selected template, for editing a template go to Variations page.
  5. Click on Save.

You can edit a product. You can also Copy / Export to CSV, PDF or Excel file.


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